The 30 Best Fishing Magazines Every Fisherman Should Subscribe To

The 30 Best Fishing Magazines Every Fisherman Should Subscribe To

If you want to improve your fishing skills, subscribing to these 30 best fishing magazines is one way to do it. These publications include articles written and photos taken by actual fishing enthusiasts and experts. In return, you can get a more hands-on look at how to become a great angler.

In this article, you will find the 30 best fishing magazines that every fisherman should subscribe to; but for now, let’s give you a glimpse of the top 5 fishing magazines on our list.

  1. Bassmaster Fishing Magazine
  2. Saltwater Sportsman
  3. Outdoor Life Magazine
  4. FLW Bass Fishing Magazine
  5. Field And Stream

Whether you choose to subscribe for a lifetime or you want to sign up for monthly updates, these fishing magazines are excellent if you’re going to learn new techniques and develop your angling skills. Moreover, since it is from expert anglers, you can also get tips and advice, discover new fishing equipment, and tackle trying. Aside from fun, you’ll learn a ton with these 30 best magazines for fishing.

30 Best Fishing Magazines Every Fisherman Should Subscribe To

Magazines are another great source of information for various topics, and fishing has no exemption. By reading these publications, you can learn how to tie fishing knots, rig lures to the line, keep updated with the latest fishing trends, and other skills that will help you become a better angler. So, for those who like reading and developing their fishing skills, every fisherman should subscribe to the 35 best fishing magazines.

1.Bassmaster Fishing Magazine

This magazine works hard to inform, entertain, and educate anglers while also promoting the sport of bass fishing. The official magazine of BASS, a membership club, comprises more than 500,000 bass fishing enthusiasts worldwide. As it relates specifically to small and largemouth bass, you can find all sorts of techniques and tips to help you refine your craft.

It’s also one of the few fishing magazines to provide reviews of fishing contests. You will also get a one-year BASS membership when you sign up for a year’s subscription. What’s the best thing about this magazine? The segment on ‘Bass Life.’ An outdoor lifestyle, including everything from trucks to hunting and even family, takes a wider look.

2.Saltwater Sportsman

Who said magazines for fishing are old school? Not with the Saltwater Sportsman. Specifically, this fishing magazine focuses on saltwater angling, meaning it is much more in-depth than many other wide-ranging fishing magazines on this list. From fishing boat reviews to “how-to” posts, you will be able to read everything about fishing. This informative magazine is intended for both beginner and advanced anglers.

3.Outdoor Life Magazine

Outdoor Life is more like a wide-ranging journal that covers everything related to the great outdoors. It’s not just for anglers, but it also includes other outdoor activities like hunting products, dogs, guns, hiking, and more. Monthly published materials and has a catchy and interesting layout and design, which makes reading more fun.

4.FLW Bass Fishing Magazine

FLW Bass Fishing is a go-to publication filled with leading fishing professionals’ new articles and recommendations. There are some data online, but most individuals opt for a print subscription. Either way, you can get the most comprehensive tips and pieces of advice from expert anglers.

5.Field And Stream

Among outdoor lovers all over the world, Field and Stream magazine is prevalent. It is America’s leading magazine for sportspeople and covers fishing and tackles hunting, conservation, and other niche papers. For more than a century, this magazine has been in circulation.

When you subscribe, you’ll enjoy insightful articles as well as first quality fiction. Twelve issues are published each year by Field and Stream, or once a month when you sign up for a subscription. There is also an in-depth website for this newspaper and an online newsletter with lots of videos you can check out.

6.Texas Fish And Game

This famous fishing magazine is written exclusively for Lone Star State residents, but you do not have to live in Texas to enjoy this larger-than-life publication. You can read it online and still learn many things about fishing. The magazine covers articles relating to hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreation subjects.

7.Bass Angler

Are you looking for the best Bass magazine? If so, consider subscribing to the Bass Angle. It can be a bit pricey as each print, or digital subscription will cost $29.95 per year, but it’s worth the expense. 

As it relates to bass fishing, you can learn more about hone your craft and access the new techniques, tournaments, and products. Besides, on the Bass Anglers website, you can also find plenty to enjoy. It contains all sorts of information on the latest fishing products and news.

8.American Angler

The American Angler is jam-packed with specific fly fishing knowledge. With how-to guides and fundamental knowledge on fly fishing in the United States, you can learn new fly tying techniques. It includes conservation and entomology papers, along with recommendations for top items.

Another thing you will love about American Angler is that it welcomes anyone’s submissions. You can send it into consideration if you are genuinely passionate about fishing and want to publish an essay or insightful piece!

9.Northwest Fly Fishing

This fishing magazine is primarily written for fly fishermen living in countries such as Alaska, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, and California who live in the Pacific Northwest. For anglers in Western Canada, it’s also a fantastic read. The magazine also contains daily department features that concentrate exclusively on fishing in this beautiful corner of the world, with six angling destinations included per issue.

10.Marlin Magazine

Marlin Magazine is the perfect fishing magazine for you if you enjoy saltwater fishing. Articles such as product reviews, strategies, tips, travel advice, and tournament guides come with each issue. More in-depth, editorial-style pieces are also included in the magazine if you’re looking for something a little more artistic fishing magazine.

11.Sport Fishing Magazine

Sport Fishing Magazine is another detailed fishing magazine to consider. One of this magazine’s best aspects is that it features articles written by seasoned and beginner anglers alike. By reading only articles from experts, you would not feel stressed or “underwhelmed” because all the tips given are simple ones from newbies. This magazine covers everything from product reviews, tips and tools, ideas for travel, and more.

12.Modern fishing

Modern fishing is a multimedia magazine written exclusively for anglers from Australia, and you can still enjoy reading it anywhere in the world. It has lots of gear reviews, feature articles, tips and strategies, articles on different species of the spotlight, and more. One important thing to note: if you don’t already have an account, you may have difficulty navigating the magazine.

13.Florida Sportsman

Florida Sportsman is one additional area magazine to remember. Since Florida is one of the best fishing destinations in the United States, it makes sense that the publication will concentrate on the Panhandle State. In this publication, you’ll read all sorts of helpful tips, including how to treat fish for catch and release, advice on purchasing the perfect boat, and more. It also includes other areas, such as conservation, swimming, and shooting.

14.Southwest Fly Fishing 

This publication focuses on all the local hot spots, strategies, and tips for anglers in the southwestern portion of the United States, similar to Northwest Fly Fishing. You can also choose between digital and print out materials to read.

15.National fisherman

National Fisherman has a fairly priced subscription, a more conventional publication of which the first issue is still free of charge. It is worth reading, providing lots of knowledge on fishing trips, recipes, tournaments, news, and other sports-related topics. The first issue was published back in 1946 with a long history of publishing, and it is now a traditional print magazine with a broad digital distribution.

The 30 Best Fishing Magazines Every Fisherman Should Subscribe To

16.Eastern Fly Fishing

Eastern Fly Fishing is another regional magazine that focuses on the eastern parts of the United States and Canada. You’ll find all sorts of maps, strategies, hatch charts, conservation tips, guidance, and more, as with Northwest Fly Fishing. This fishing magazine comes in both print and digital forms.

17.Fishing World

Fishing World is another multimedia magazine to remember. This magazine is also an Australian publication and has been around for almost 50 years. Still, anglers have been enjoying it worldwide. You can visit its website, where you can find all the latest in saltwater and freshwater angling. The news updates that publish the latest research are especially fascinating, particularly if you are a “data junkie.”

18.Fly Fisherman

Another journal devoted exclusively to the ‘sub-category’ of fly angling is Fly Fisherman. This paper is available online as well as in print, but with a fee. Still, you can find all sorts of tips specially tailored for beginners. On the other hand, for more experienced anglers, it’s also a respectable publication. It includes information on how to tie flies, the latest fly fishing news, and top destinations.

19.Trout And Salmon

Trout and Salmon is a web journal primarily written for fly fishers. From the new strategies to the leading brands of flies, you will learn everything you need to know about fishing for trout and salmon. It’s a British magazine which has been in print circulation since 1955 and has since been improving. With its full-color and inspiring photography, you’ll be amazed while reading it. Trout and Salmon magazine is completely breathtaking.

20.Coastal Angler

Coastal Angler features top fishing guides, updates on the new boats and gear, product reviews, and even interviews with experts and celebrities, mostly for saltwater anglers. Moreover, you can access all of their issued magazines online and free of charge. Besides, for saltwater anglers, such as Long Island, Palm Beach, and Charleston, the magazine publishes periodic reports and regional information on different “zones.”


In-Fisherman provides in-depth freshwater fishing coverage. You will learn what you need to know about the sport and have access to instructional features that are super helpful. It also includes fishing equipment and product reviews with everything laid out in full-color photography to bring the sport to life truly.

One of the most anglers’ favorite aspects of this magazine is its categorization to make it easy to navigate for users. You will find articles clumped together by species, so you will find a long list of articles unique to “Pike and Muskie,” for instance, while others refer exclusively to “Bass.”

22.Crappie Now Magazine

Do you love and enjoy crappie fishing? You need to check out this fishing magazine. Although Crappie New Magazine is not as detailed as some of the other choices on this list, it is perfect for crappie lovers. It’s a free digital magazine with photo competitions, ideas for cooking, recipes, reviews, and more.

23.Paddling Magazine

This fishing magazine, concentrating primarily on kayak fishing, is a little more detailed. You can learn more about the different styles of kayaks and how to keep afloat in a monster catch when you’re reeling. It is offered in both digital and print formats.

You may like that this publication is not exclusively focused on product reviews and tips. In nature, some pieces are purely editorial and narration. No matter how much time you have to spare, it’s a great read.

24.Fishing Facts

Your best bet is Fishing Facts if you’re looking for a resource that’s built for the ultimate fishing novice. Even in terms of what you should know about fishing in Canada, important gear according to your preferred technique, and tricks you can use to catch one species or the next, the website is pretty resourceful.

25.World Sea Fishing

World Sea Fishing is a fishing magazine that attempts to concentrate in and around the UK on the fishing front. It is the UK’s largest sea angling magazine, and it offers the best sea fishing guide for anglers about destinations in and around the UK. Still, wherever you are, you can enjoy new forums for your followers with the latest fishing reports and guides.


Marlinmag’s stronghold is Bill Fishing, and if you are a marlin fanatic, then this is a magazine you don’t want to miss. It covers all news related to foreign billfish angling. Marlin magazine gives you up-to-the-minute news on fishermen’s profiles, the world’s hottest bill fishing destinations, fishing equipment reviews, and even expert tips on fishing methods that will work wonders in your conquests, with eight issues each year.


Carpworld magazine feeds fishing enthusiasts everything they need to know about the carp’s fishing culture, the front runner of the fishing world, and the authority on all things carp. In addition to daily features consisting of articles, interviews, contests, and even gossip. Explore the past of carp fishing and where it is going in the future! Be inspired by carp fishing stories and a variety of different subjects-month after month; there’s enough to keep you hooked!


Are you looking for a few helpful tips to make things a little more worthwhile for your fishing trips? Get your weekly dose of carp fishing news with a Carp-Talk magazine digital subscription. Read inspiring and successful experiences of carp fishing and features to help you develop your skills and techniques-plus read in-depth reviews of all the new fishing gear. Carp-Talk is full of some of the most successful anglers with tips, tactics, and advice. Discover your fishing style and become a carp expert today! 

29.Match Fishing

Would you like to learn to fish as the champions do? Match Fishing provides you with all of the best tips and tricks of the trade. Enjoy in-depth articles written by fishing experts themselves and even angling champions, and learn how to reel every time in a winning catch of the day. It’s the ultimate digital fishing magazine for serious fishermen, published by serious fishermen.

Read through comprehensive guides full of top fishing technique tips, find out where those hotspots are located for reeling in some major winners, and learn how to make each issue of Match Fishing magazine the most enticing bait possible. Match Fishing magazine has something for everyone to enjoy, no matter the level of your fishing skill!

30.Saltwater Sportsman Magazine

Saltwater Sportsman, described as a complete saltwater fishing knowledge source, discusses all the different saltwater fish types, where to catch them, how to catch them, the right bait, migratory patterns, the latest equipment, and even how to keep the environment clean. They offer subscriptions for both print and digital platforms.

Choosing the Right One

Magazines, particularly if you want to read more than watch TV shows or something similar, are a great source of entertainment and knowledge. And magazines for fishing are not an exception. You will find tips inside them that could come in handy on your next fishing trip.

Articles about fishing, hunting, and survival tips offer guides on rig the machinery and reel, rod, string, and fishing tools reviews. These are the best fishing magazines that you can find in this modern generation. For short, always look for fishing magazines that will help you practice your skills and provide comprehensive fishing information.

Even as some of the material is open to all, we suggest testing all of them. You can then pay for a subscription to gain free access if you happen to like a specific magazine. Within each review, you can find all the links to the subscription section.

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