25 Best Fishing Simulator Games

25 Best Fishing Simulator Games

Fishing can be a sport, recreation, and, nowadays, players can now also enjoy the best fishing simulator games. Even if you can’t fish during a hurricane, storm, or even an injury, take fishing with you at home by playing these exciting games for fishing. Modern technology gives you the option to catch some virtual fish, which is almost close to reality.

From PC games, mobile devices to modern console fishing games, we’ve listed down the best fishing simulator games that you would enjoy if you love catching fish and playing virtually. 

Best Fishing Simulator Games For Mobile

Thanks to Google Play and Apple Store, you can now enjoy the best games for fishing through your smartphones and tablets. Most of these games are free, and you only have to download it.

1.Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

This game is free to play, and it has been one of the most exciting fishing games that you can play on mobile. Some attributes of this game include the ability to customize your fishing tackle, fly to a range of locations, catch various fish, and more. There is also a worldwide leaderboard for you to see how your catches compare to the world and play with other players online. It is not incredibly hard to catch a fish, but the mechanics are fun. You can even start with some simple fishing techniques to capture fish. 

2.Fishing Break

It is a more straightforward fishing game with players from eight different locations that can capture hundreds of other fish species. You will also have awards to win, leaderboards to climb, and easy gameplay, yet challenging. The graphics may be a little bit compromised, but that’s alright because you can still enjoy the challenges brought by this game. However, since it is free to play, expect some advertisements as you play.

3.Fishing Hook

Here’s another mobile game that you can enjoy if you love fishing. It is one of those fishing games that attempt to concentrate on realism. You will spend much of your time out with your line in the water on a virtual boat. The dynamics are a little different. However, they are not excessively difficult. You can enjoy challenges when catching a fish, complete achievements, improve rankings, and support up to 16 languages in the game. There are some rare authorization bugs, but it can still be a good experience for most players.


FishingStrike is one of the newer fishing games for Android and ios. Like most free fishing games, the game plays a bit easy, but there are also some challenging tasks. You’re going to catch many fish, rank, unlock gear, and go for more fish. Moreover, there are up to 500 different fish species that you can find in other locations. The game has elements of augmented and virtual reality that help give it a more futuristic twist. You will also like how the game doesn’t limit you to energy constraints. You can buy some in-app purchases if you want to unlock other features of the game.

5.Let’s Fish

Let’s Fish has over 60 locations and 650 fish species. The selection and use of a lot of fishing tackle are also available. It also includes the usual stuff, such as leaderboards, to play with other gamer anglers. You will love the dual-mode for PvP fishing as well, where you can compete with your friends and other players worldwide. It’s slightly different from most. The downside is that this is a free game, which means the PvP is a little bit pay-to-win. As long as you don’t mind the free stuff, it’s a good showing overall.

6.Master Bass Angler

One of the best arcade fishing games is Master Bass Angler. It doesn’t make you wait a long time to do things, unlike simulators. Practically right after you cast the line, the fish bites. The game features many locations, different modifications to your tools, and more across the United States. It also doesn’t require any registration. Currently, the free plan approach is excellent, even if it has ads and an energy grid. With a single in-app purchase, however, you can eliminate both. 

7.My Fishing World

My Fishing World provides practical fishing locations, cycles of day and night, and a sufficiently easy game UI for anyone. Additionally, while fishing, you can unlock many tackles and even talk with other players online. The aesthetics of the game are a big draw. 

8.Rapala Fishing

Rapala Fishing is an arcade-style fishing game created, along with Rapala, by Concrete Software. It strives for an experience that is more realistic for any angler. It isn’t acceptable if you’re into the perfect gaming experience, but it also doesn’t do poorly. Still, you can get to play as much as you want for free. You can also engage in regular tournaments, different activities, and other things to do are also available. 


3DCARP contains eight lakes and four rivers where you can catch up to 28 different fish species virtually. There are plenty of small details that differentiate this game from its rivals. When hooked, some fish leap out of the water, you can use bait boats, and you can even climb trees to help you find more fish. It is not the most common game out there for fishing. However, it is one of the most robust fishing games available right now.

10.The Fish Master

The Fish Master is a more straightforward fishing game with arcade-style. You drop down your line and haul as many fish as you can take. For more fish, the game has upgrades that allow you to reach even greater depths. It has idle elements of the game as well. Even when you’re not playing the game, you earn money when you do challenges. A single $2.49 purchase gives you the complete edition of the game.

Best Fishing Simulator Games For PC

25 Best Fishing Simulator Games

If you’re still a PC lover, you can still enjoy some of the best fishing simulator games. From survival games, sims, and other genres – there is a gameplay that matches your preference. So, take a look at our list of time-killers and full-blown fishing simulators.

1.Sea of Thieves

Even without the actual fishing, Sea of Thieves is a reasonably relaxing game under some circumstances. The stunning waves, the white sandy beaches, the ship’s gentle creaking, every feature will give you a comfortable and exciting feeling while playing.

2.Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 offers you a character with the grace of an Olympic javelin thrower who can cast a line across a damn football field. It feels and looks excellent, backed by a thorough Montana rendering. It’s simple and rewarding to catch fish. Expect as many dead cultists, tigers, and mountain lions to be bagged as you catch trouts.

3.Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, there are many enjoyable activities and fishing challenges that you can enjoy. For example, the game includes keeping your fishing meter synchronized with a fish icon that fluctuates up and down, depending on how hard the fish is to catch. At first, it’s frustratingly difficult because the bar is short, the fish flail wildly, and the control mechanism is unorthodox. However, it becomes a soothing zen escape from the hustle and bustle of small-town farm life once you get the hang of stuff and level up your fishing ability.

4.My Time At Portia

You’ll need a rod and a caterpillar to fish in My Time At Portia, which you will find when chopping up bushes. You reel the fish when a fish bites, while holding your mouse cursor over the struggling creature. However, one common problem for most players is that a fish always bites after you have cast your line for about the same amount of time. Since the fish bites so quickly, it is not incredibly soothing. Still, for hours, it’ll keep you busy and amused.

5.World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft offers some fishing mini-game where you can cast your line, click on the bobber when it wiggles around a bit, and catch a fish. You can improve your skills by completing challenges and passing different levels.

6.Ice Lakes

Ice Lakes also has a free-fishing mode that is not competitive. Using a giant hand-cranked drill to bore a massive hole in the ice is a novelty, but something about the fishing experience itself is a little graceless. It’s not frustrating, but it may not be as good as its competitors. When a fish nibbles, it can be a little fun to see your pole bend, and it’s rewarding to see the fish plop onto the ice next to you after a catch.

Best Fishing Simulator Games For PS4

Who would think we could do some fishing in a living room or even bedroom? If someone had said it before, some traditional anglers would laugh at him a decade ago, but luckily we’re in an era where we can enjoy any one of our hobbies without leaving the room. So, we now introduce to you the best ps4 fishing games that you can find play.

1.Rapala Fishing Pro Series

If you want the best PS4 fishing game, you can find all the Rapala Fishing Pro Series requirements. In this game, you’ll find so many elements that will certainly keep you glued to the screen. Fishing will be more enjoyable than ever as you will experience real fishing. You’ll have to work hard, climb rocks and gain more cash to boost your rank as an angler. It will dictate how successful your success is and what in the game you can do.

The best thing about the game is that you can catch 17 major fish, including Wide Mouthed Bass and Northern Pike. Another great thing about this game is that it features many tournaments and competitions worldwide, and in North America, you can see many fun places! Be ready to feel fascinated by this PS4 fishing game that will make you want to play for hours.

2.Fishing Planet

Fishing Planet has been famous for its realistic features that make anglers feel like they are fishing. The game also enables you to play in its cooperative mode with your friends, and that is the most exciting aspect of this game as you can also enjoy the fishing fun with your friends. 

You will face several obstacles that will force you to discover your fishing abilities. Throughout Canada and North America, you will find so many new items and places. Gain money and spend it on new fishing equipment such as roads and baits. 

3.Dovetail Games: Fishing Sim World 

Dovetail has been bringing various games, and Fishing Sim World is proof of it. You’ll find much more than an ordinary fishing game in the fishing sim universe. You will love everything about this game, from stunning locations across the rainforest to some of the giant fishes to catch. With this PS4 fishing game, test your fishing skills and find out how good an angler you are.

4.Catch and Release – PS VR

With this VR fishing game, indulge yourself in a unique virtual fishing experience. While playing, you will find yourself sitting in a boat surrounded by beautiful scenery. You have to look for the best fishing spots because there are no fixed locations. Before transporting them in, you can adapt your rod, reel, and lure to various types of fish throughout the experience. There’s a camera that helps you to take screenshots of your day and save your images for the game.

5.Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure

The best PS4 fishing game in 2020 is undoubtedly Reel Fishing. They have combined the fun of fishing with some adventure where you go on a road trip and discover some hot fishing sites such as deep-sea sights or freshwater streams. It’s undoubtedly going to be pretty fun overall, and Reel Fishing will give you so much to discover.

Best Fishing Simulator Games For XBOX

25 Best Fishing Simulator Games

It would be unfair to give you the best fishing simulator games for PS4, but not for XBOX. Wouldn’t it? We took the hard path and collected details to provide you with the best games to play as an angler.

1.Dovetail Games Euro Fishing

Dovetail has been doing an excellent job of providing the best console games for its players. With this game, you can master Europe’s most famous lakes. This game replicates fishing strategies using Complete Cast Power, whether you’re a pro or a novice. 

In-game guides are available to help you learn the basics, and you can fish in five different locations. Much as they do in real life, the fish games respond to the time of day, water temperatures, baits, and weather conditions. You can also customize your angling equipment to land the big catch in this game and choose various casting locations. Finally, it’s possible to fish alone, with friends, or set up a multiplayer tournament.

2.Freediving Hunter – Spearfishing the World

Before diving in and playing against demanding spearfishing professionals, the first thing you do in this game is to select and customize your character. You’ll begin unlocking saltwater fishing spots worldwide as you get better, and these spots include kelp forests, shipwrecks, and reefs. You will get a small amount of money for every fish you hunt that you can use to upgrade your gear. 

You also can earn abilities that allow you to attract more fish, sneak upon them, and dive more profoundly than ever before as your experience levels go up. As you play, the fish gets bigger and more exotic, and blackout conditions and hungry sharks add an exciting aspect to your game.

3.Fishing: Barent Sea Complete Edition

You can captain your fishing boat in this game and explore the Norwegian sea to find hotspots for fishing. You can start with a small boat you have inherited, but you will upgrade both your ship and other fishing equipment as you catch more fish. You unlock various gear as you play, fish from different boats, and learn how to sharpen your ability to capture multiple types of fish. It is easy to know everything, but it takes time to master it. The higher you get, the more you unlock incentives.

4.SEGA Bass Fishing

A game made by SEGA in this list may seem odd, but it was released on the Xbox 360 and is backward compatible to this day, so it still counts. SEGA Bass Fishing is an American-style game that focuses on the fish that most Americans seem to be fascinated with, the many bass varieties. Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Striped Bass, White Bass, in this game, there are several species to shoot at, and it provides something a little different with an arcade twist to the gameplay.

With the focus again on lure fishing, you need to catch the biggest fish in the lake. On a tight time scale, choosing your spot, your lure, and then seeing the fish adds a specific thing is missing from the previous game in this list.

Best Fishing Simulator Games For Nintendo

Finally, the last console games that we will talk about are the fishing games for Nintendo. Thanks to the Nintendo Switch, this brand is back in the game. Let us look at some best fishing simulator games that you can always play on-the-go for your Nintendo.

1.Bass Pro Shops: Strike Championship Edition

This game introduces you to various environments. To improve authenticity, it combines precise lure and fish behaviors, and you use the rod to cast, jig, and hook your monster fish just as you would in real life. There are casting challenges and boat races, and you can choose from Career, Fast Fish, or Tournament mode. Career mode meets the bass fishing league rules, and you take on 10 of the United States’ most massive fishing hot spots. 

2.Fishing Star World Tour

To snag over 180 fish species, you’ll have to play 40 locations with 70 types of gear. To help you catch a big one, it will challenge you to adapt to the environment and fish to the equipment, and you will log anything you catch to help you sharpen the abilities. To keep you amused, there are several playing styles and mini-games.

3.Reel Fishing Road Trip Adventure

Take a virtual road trip to visit ten different fishing locations with your friends and capture 20 different fish species. It has thrilling battles with action-style fishing, and as you play, you can upgrade your gear and abilities. Fit it to try to capture the famed Legendary Fish until you have the best equipment possible.

4.Hunting Simulator

With this game, you’ll be hunting 37 animal species both on land and in water, and it has 12 different regions to explore. There are 17 various weapons to use and track and sharpen your skills; you can learn more than 50 pieces of equipment. Moreover, you’re going to go through 111 quests, play in different worlds, and experience various modes of play.

5.Dynamite Fishing World Game

This fun and the engaging game will have you fishing from sharks to smaller lake fish. You’ll take them to the sea with a stick of dynamite until you bring them in. There are five characters, some of the world’s best fishing spots, multiple boats, and a few gear pieces. The more fish you catch and get to shore, the more coins you get to upgrade and unlock new places. Every character has powers, and you can also play in some multiplayer tournaments with your angler friends.

Even if you’re unable to fish during a hurricane, storm, or even accident, go fishing at home by playing these exciting fishing simulator games. Modern technology offers you the ability to catch some virtual fish, which is almost close to reality. Take this to your advantage, and you learn fishing skills even while playing at home.

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