The 12 Best Fishing Books For Beginners

The 12 Best Fishing Books For Beginners

Like any hobby and sports, learning through the best fishing books is essential to unleashing your potential. Even the most seasoned angler keeps on learning new skills because they understand the essence of investing in themselves. It is where the best fishing books come into place.

If you want to read the best books for fishing, start with these five guides. These tools will give you a range of useful knowledge for your next fishing adventure. 

  1. Basic Fishing: A Beginner’s Guide By Wade Bourne
  2. High Percentage Fishing By Josh Alwine
  3. Fishing for Dummies By Peter Kaminsky, Greg Schwipps
  4. The Complete Book of Fishing Knots, Leaders and Lines By Lindsey Philpott
  5. The Total Fishing Manual: 317 Essential Fishing Skills By Joe Cermele, The Editors of Field & Stream

Aside from our top five picks, we will give you more fishing books that appeal most to your needs and preferences. While waiting or getting ready to sleep at night, add these books to your reading habit.

How To Choose The Best Fishing Book?

Each book is different, but you have to pick one that is perfect for you. But with so many options out there, how can you know which book to read first? It is easy to get confused with several choices. Fortunately, there are things that you can consider to know if it is the right book for fishing.

Intended Use

When selecting the best fishing books, a consideration to bear in mind is also the intended use. You must categorize the books into categories to fully understand their use. It helps to narrow down the decision and the hunt. Think of the fishing method so that you can link it to the novel. Ask yourself, “what is it that you want to learn?” Are you fishing for freshwater, saltwater, fly fish, coarse fish? Or do you want to learn more about bait or lure? You can then narrow down the search to make sure you get the book that is perfect for you.


Several genres boast the best fishing books. It all depends on what you need. For example, a guide includes the best books on fly fishing to concentrate on how to master the skill as a whole or break it down into parts such as finding the perfect fly fishing spot. Other fishing book genres include recipe books, stories & novels, various fish species, and many more.

Area That The Book Covers

You have to think of the book’s region when you select the best fishing books to invest in. Different areas will cover even the best fly fishing books, which means that they will hold different content. Some of the best fly fishing books will explain how to master the sport, while some will discuss equipment or techniques such as tying knots more precisely.

Other books will serve as guides on how to classify various fish species and where to locate them. Moreover, you can find some of the best books on fishing with inspirational stories. Regardless, you can use them as motivational books or only for entertainment.

The 12 Best Fishing Books For Beginners

There may be different fishing books, but each one has one goal – to provide its readers with information about fishing and increase the success rate. So, let us dig into the 12 best fishing books for beginners.

The 12 Best Fishing Books For Beginners

1.Basic Fishing: A Beginner’s Guide By Wade Bourne

Best For Learning Fundamentals

This book is perfect for those who want to learn the fundamentals and some advanced techniques of fishing. It contains extensive details on the equipment for fishing, casting, lures, vessels, and fishing places, including what to do with the fish that you have already captured. It is simple to read and follow the author’s instructions, contains photographs, and who wrote it in a very understandable manner. It will show you how to securely and efficiently prepare yourself and fish.

Wade Bourne, the author, is a writer who has earned several awards and has extensive knowledge of fishing. It could be the one if you are searching for your first book to learn how to fish. It has outstanding reviews and is recommended by both beginners, who are happy with the book’s knowledge. 

Anglers who read this book claim they were encouraged to begin fishing correctly by the book. However, the only drawback is that the book is mainly based on streams and rivers and lacks unique lakes. Better yet, you can also check out how to fish properly without hurting the fish.

2.High Percentage Fishing By Josh Alwine

Best For Leaning Bass Fishing

There’s a more scientific approach to this book because it emphasizes largemouth bass. It is a combination of perspectives, facts, and knowledge obtained by experienced fishermen. This book proves that some old assumptions about bass fishing are wrong. The author gathered a large amount of data and decided what worked best, based on mathematical principles. Topics he wrote about are places where we can find bass about his life patterns, how bass fishing impacts the weather and lunar cycle, the best times for bass fishing, the bad times, and how to lure it.

If you want to focus on bass fishing, this is a great book. The downside is that some readers say it is a little boring to read because of the statistical statistics. Suppose you choose science to stories that are old and unverified, these for you. Perhaps reading this book can encourage you to use the same research methods for other fish species, even if you are not a bass lover.

3.Fishing for Dummies By Peter Kaminsky, Greg Schwipps

Best For Learning Different Strategies For Fishing And Casting

Fishing for Dummies is a book in which the word is very familiar. A famous headline in many fields is some operation “for Dummies.” This book focuses on strategies for fishing and casting. It will teach you bait-casting, spinning, and fly-casting techniques. It is the reason why it is acceptable for various levels of experience. It will show how to begin for a beginner, but it will show how to upgrade your skills without going over the most basic knowledge for more experienced anglers.

You’ll hear about technology in this book as well, and it will teach you how to use electronics and gadgets. It provides color images that help you imagine the stuff. Reviews are generally positive, and readers appreciate that it focuses a lot on the technique of casting. The downside is that it is best to have some practice before going through such techniques in detail.

4.The Complete Book of Fishing Knots, Leaders and Lines By Lindsey Philpott

Best For Learning Fishing Knots

For any angler, this book is a must-have. With clear directions and images of how to tie knots, you can find 1000 different ties here. Many beginners find knots very frustrating. Hence, patience, steady hands, and precision are necessary. You can work on your own with this book. It will clarify everything and include tips and tricks on how to be successful at all times. It will be easy to start using various lines when you master the ability. The author also wrote some fascinating details about them, except for knots, to make the book more fun to read. The downside is that the images, including several more complex knots, are often difficult to follow.

5.The Total Fishing Manual: 317 Essential Fishing Skills By Joe Cermele, The Editors of Field & Stream

Best For Learning The Fundamentals Of Fishing

The writers shared their knowledge and expertise to complete this book. It includes a list of 317 fishing techniques, fishing supplies, and other essential fishing aspects. A part of this book is how to pick unique gear, all about fishing places, locate and attract fish and much more. If you are just learning how to fish, you can find everything you can think of here. More experienced anglers are also probably going to find plenty to upgrade their skills. 

It is fascinating and beneficial for most readers, but the book’s downside is that the content is not easy to understand, and it is challenging to navigate through the book. You will need a great deal of attention to read it and get the most out of it. If you seek information and don’t want a book that is “easy to read and relax,” then this one’s for you.

6.The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide By Tom Rosenbauer

Best For Learning Fly Fishing

Possibly, the most challenging fishing method is fly-fishing, but that’s one of the reasons it’s so fascinating. The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide is a book for you if you want to learn the technique. It includes knowledge that is part of this new book edition on different subjects, from rods, reels, leaders, and knots to the environment and conservation. The book also features enhanced photographs. If you already have some training, there’s a lot of excellent knowledge in this book, and you’ll find something for you.

Through chapters, the author discusses how to pick, set up, and take care of your tackle, casting techniques, flies, striking stream techniques, still water and saltwater, and how to catch a large one. Readers find this book to be merely outstanding. It describes all in-depth, but in a way that is very understandable and simple to follow. Downsides are rarely listed, and the only one is that for beginners and anglers with minimal experience, this book is more fitting, not so much for those who have been practicing fly-fishing for a long time.

7.The River Why By David James Duncan, Dick Hill, Hachette Audio

The Best Book If You Want To Learn The Basics Through Stories

It is a novel, unlike the previously mentioned books. This book is for you if you do not look for “fishing guides” and want to enjoy and relax while reading. The comedy weaves with nature, love, and finding yourself in this novel. A young fisherman runs away to a remote location from his insane relatives. To search steelheads, he goes there. His quest for steelheads becomes a tale of unexpected events and self-discovery. 

Being an angler, we must enjoy and relax often, not just chase fish. There is an explanation of why every fisher pursues his dream of catching fish. Even whether we realize it or not, being in nature for a long time changes us. And the same is true of this book’s main character. So give yourself a try! This book is considered humorous, exciting, but also emotional by readers. It’s easy to read and makes you laugh. The downside is that some don’t like how it’s written, but considering this is a novel, everyone has their preference in books.

8.Peterson Field Guide To Freshwater Fishes Fishing Book By Lawrence M.Page, Brooks M. Burr

The Best Book For Learning Freshwater Species

There are nearly 1,000 freshwater fish species found in North America, and Peterson Field Guide To Freshwater Fishes is the perfect book to read for it. By conveniently guiding the reader, though, the fishing guide book helps avoid the intimidating task of recognizing them. The book also presents the fish species recently found, more than 150 of them.

The book also shares vibrant and colorful photographs of the fish species to imprint the imagery into your mind and reality. Besides, the author also included comprehensive maps and information on finding each fish species. 

9.Ernest Hemingway The Old Man and The Sea Fishing Book By Ernest Hemingway

The Best Fishing Novel

The Old Man and The Sea Fishing Book by Ernest Hemingway tell the majestic story of an old Cuban fisherman and his tragic struggle with a marlin far out in the Gulf Stream. The books on fishing adventures narrate the tale to grab every reader in an easy but powerful way.

In the face of defeat and personal victory achieved from losing, the author goes more in-depth into discussing bravery themes. Though old, the striking tale is still exciting and relatable to date. In this novel, the writer vividly demonstrated his high quality and excellent delivery of the message.

10.A River Runs Through It And Stories Fishing Book By Norman Maclean

A Novel For Learning Fly Fishing

A River Runs Through It And Stories is a classic American West that includes two novels and a short story representing the author’s experiences. A story set in small towns and mountains of western Montana. The top-rated fly fishing books tell a story about the towns’ residents, human life complexities, and nature’s wonders and realities. The author recalls his fly fishing experiences and recounts how his memories impacted his life to be a better angler.

11.Double Whammy Fishing Book By Carl Hiaasen

You can read a tale full of twists and turns through the Double Whammy fishing book. The fishing books accompany a nearby trailer park resident and a neophyte private eye fishing for a killer. The story examines the complexities of two distinct people participating in looking for the truth floating on the Coon Bog in Florida.

The crime scene is surrounded by large stakes and a severe and lethal location for largemouth bass. Without ignoring the two main characters’ ever so entertaining personalities, the enthralling bass fishing books can take you through a detective like adventure and discovery.

12.High Percentage Fishing: A Statistical Approach To Improving Catch Rates By Josh Alwine

The Best Book For Improving Catch Rate

Josh Alwine is not just an author but also an engineer, statistician, and fisherman. In writing this fishing book, he combined all his experiences from various aspects of his career and took a statistical approach. It encourages readers to adapt to their usual fishing strategy. Still, this time, they can match their adjustments with veterans’ word of mouth and data that might have been obtained at various times by various people.

The book’s primary purpose is to increase the amount of fish that the readers can capture using the system they chose. This fishing book concentrates on large bass locations that are likely to make it easy to raise its catch. This fishing book also teaches about the influence that the weather pattern has on your likeliness to increase your catch during a particular situation. Furthermore, this fishing book focuses on showcasing the best times when you can cast your net or throw your rod out to maximize your catch. It is highly probable that the reader will see higher results in their grab until the data are adhered to and executed accordingly.

What Are The Benefits Of Reading Fishing Books?

The 12 Best Fishing Books For Beginners

First of all, books are way longer than posts on the internet. The authors explain everything in detail in their books. Moreover, there are different subjects that they cover to help you understand fishing as a beginner. Secondly, books on fishing are credible sources of information. They provide extensive data for an accomplished angler that he can later use to upgrade what he already knows. It takes more time to read a book or two than to watch a ten-minute video. 

You have time to think about what you want from a fishing experience while reading. You’re not going to make a fast decision to buy anything that you don’t really need or skip all the steps of beginners and become an expert overnight. Fishing books will set up a strong base of knowledge on which you can develop your practice. With other sources of knowledge, you can still combine books. Any time and anywhere, you can read a book for fishing. Books are a fantastic asset for discovering new knowledge that will enhance your fishing abilities. 

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