The 20 Best Fishing Apps For Your Smartphone

The 20 Best Fishing Apps For Your Smartphone

Fishing has gone a long way, and it is continuing to embrace new techniques and tools, what more if you add mobile applications in your fishing arsenal? Today, let us talk about the 20 best fishing apps for your smartphone if you are an angler. From logs, guides, solar and lunar timetables, to weather apps – we got the best smartphone apps for you.

The 20 Best Fishing Apps For Your Smartphone

Nowadays, smartphones are a vital part of our everyday life. It is where we communicate with our loved ones, entertain, and have a preview of the latest news. Believe it or not, you can now use your smartphones to upgrade your fishing experience through these applications that we are about to share. Let the modern technology level up your expertise in catching fish species. 

5 Fish Finder Apps

For enthusiastic outdoor people, fishing is one of the most favorite pastimes, but exploring wild fish species and their habitats can also be a source of frustration. Thanks to the ever-evolving technology world, anglers can now quickly locate their targets. These apps can save fishermen time by taking only a few minutes to download an app to your mobile device.

Fishhunter App

The Fishhunter mobile app includes a separately-bought fish finder for sonar capability. The software itself is complementary and provides advanced GPS control and mapping. This app also offers advanced resources for social networking, including a logbook that allows fishermen to see what others are catching in their area. The fish database shows the kinds of fish that may be lurking the depths, waiting to get captured by fish enthusiasts. Moreover, this software is compatible with Bluetooth.

iBobber app

Although an initial purchase is essential for iBobber, the downloadable app is free and has much of the same features of the others. You can use it in almost every weather scenario; you only have to pay if you want to unlock more advanced features. From the ship or the shore, you can program the iBobber app to map water contours to 135 feet.

Big Fish Finder app

This app allows fishermen to mark their favorite fishing hole, take pictures and show online acquaintances their catch, and ensure that the right weather and water conditions for the perfect catch. It also allows users to tap into previous angler’s notes and experience, helping them to find the best spots no matter what part of the lake they’re fishing for.


Fishbrain is an app used by millions of fishing and angling enthusiasts for social networking. You can use it to check out a crowd-sourced database with millions of fishing locations once you sign in. You will find out where to fish, what bait is working, and what fish are biting, through the millions of recorded catches. You can also apply your perspectives to it. To monitor your angling progress, Fishbrain also acts as a personal catch log.


FishAngler intends to include an all-in-one companion app for their fishing trip to the tech-savvy angler by bundling preparation tools, logging features, and even social characteristics to communicate with other fishers and anglers. You can explore new fishing sites with FishAngler and see what’s biting where, as well as refer to 7-day marine predictions for wind, waves, and water temperature, and data on what is the best tide for fishing and the  river flow. With an integrated fishing logbook that can record 45 different attributes, such as time, weather, and more, you can track and organize your catches.

5 Apps For Recording Data

While there are hundreds of form builders and survey tools that can help you request information from others, these tools are not ideal for getting or functioning offline with complex data. You need a platform specifically designed to capture data so that members of your team can upload images, GPS positions, and signatures on the go and any laptop. If it’s exporting the data into reports to share with others or synchronizing with your other applications, you will want an application that can help you act on that data.


In combination with the Fishidy website, the Fishidy smartphone app works to provide users with a way to save and capture their favorite fishing sites and catches and share them with other users. The app offers more than 17,000 rivers with fishing charts, with users able to record catches and favorite locations on the map. Also, Fishidy provides networking features for users capable of exchanging data with other anglers and mates, as well as accessing current activity feeds and individual waterway reports. A premium subscription includes more accurate maps and hotspots for fishing, mapped underwater structures for fishing tips, and offline maps.

Fishing Points

This app provides fishermen with a flexible toolkit of useful knowledge. With Google Maps and offline chart views, you can save your favorite fishing spots, trotlines, and trawling paths to help you get back to the right location. Also, you can build a catch log, complete with catch images, for anything you manage to grab during your journey. The app also includes fish movement, tides, environment, and lunar calendar predictions. In-app purchases allow you to upgrade the basic to advanced premium versions that add unlimited fishing locations, offline nautical charts for the US, and implement more advanced forecast details.

Angler’s Log

One of the newer fishing apps is Angler’s Log. It’s an easy log for fishing. It helps you to log your catches, the bait you used, and where you place your catches. That way, you know where and what works. It also contains a map of your fishing spots, social media networking, and a slideshow of the fish you caught for your pictures. The app is a newer one. It means there are some bugs here and there in the app. It’s entirely free, though, and it’s difficult to complain too much about a free app.


Fishbrain is an app that lets you record your captures, and bait used. It also tells you what other anglers have captured and used in similar areas. The app covers over 130 fish species, provides a system of mates and also includes items such as tips and tricks. It’s an excellent place to discuss the best bait to use and even some forecast and calendar features are available. Many of the app’s components are downloadable. However, if you want any part in the app, you need a subscription. Fortunately, it isn’t too pricey, but we can only recommend it to serious anglers who will use the app more often.

ANGLR Bullseye

In the fishing world, the ANGLR Bullseye is revolutionizing the way we use data. This system monitors every one of your captures for locations & information. Switch on your ANGLR Bullseye and begin recording with photos & information behind places, situations, every capture. Just download the mobile app, and your smartphone will start monitoring your water, weather, and location data automatically. To record fish catches, click once with the weather, water, and location information.

5 Nautical Charts And Navigations Apps

Are you looking for the right application to use for your next adventure in marine navigation? We got you! Getting lost during a fishing or boating trip is one of the scariest nightmares an angler may have. For any journey, a reliable navigation system is a must. So, our top picks are here!

Navionics Boating Marine & Lakes

The Navionics Marine & Lakes software offers users a range of up-to-date nautical charts and navigation resources to assist you on the water. Detailed overlays of data, sonar maps, group notes, auto-routing, navigation modes, and synchronization with a variety of WiFi-enabled plotters to help keep you on the course rather than navigating, so that you can concentrate on fishing. Auto-updated maps and data on the weather and tides ensure that you have updated details with possible weather and navigational hazards in the loop. With in-app purchases and subscriptions available after the trial ends, the app lets you check it out for 15 days.

Deeper – Smart Sonar

The Deeper-Smart Sonar software offers useful functionality for any fisherman with a smartphone. With the support of the app’s solar calendar and the best weather for fishing, users can schedule their next fishing trip. With downloadable maps that you can refer to even while offline, you can also turn to the Deeper app to chart your journey. With the built-in notes and camera mode, you can also record and share captures. With the support of the castable sonar system, if you have the Deeper fish finder, you can convert your smartphone into a sonar monitor, detailing water depth, temperature, vegetation, fish positions, and other useful details.

Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time

For anglers who are looking for a good source of Solunar time tables to predict cycles of animal movement and feeding, Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time is the right choice. The free version of the app offers your current position with significant and minor period forecasts, rise, zenith and fixed times for the sun and moon, and a five-day weather forecast. An in-app purchase eliminates commercials and unlocks pro features such as custom locations saved and Solunar time tables.


To predict periods when fish may be most interested in feeding or traveling, iSolunar uses data about the movements of the sun, moon and tides. The app provides users with Solunar tables for specific locations, complete with predicted major and minor activity cycles, and day scores. Moreover, it includes moon phase, moonrise and moonset, sunrise and sunset times, day, week, and month tables, as well as current and five-day weather forecasts, and users can save favorites for easy reference. You can unlock additional features such as tide data, custom location mapping and a range finder by in-app purchases.


CMAP is an app where you can conveniently arrange your next sailing trips. It provides you with knowledge about the weather, traffic, and water paths. You can schedule the best route to take before your cruise by using this tool. You can do it on both your phone and your PC as well. And the best part? All your plans can be downloaded so that you can use them all offline. With this, it would not be a concern to have a weak data link.

5 Apps For Accurate and Detailed Weather Forecasts

If you need to carry an umbrella when you go fishing, or bring a jacket, or brace for more severe conditions, a good weather app lets you decide for it in advance. It’s a good idea to check the forecast or radar for upcoming conditions with wild weather across the nation, particularly hurricanes threatening coastal states. Here are our top picks for the best apps for getting accurate weather forecasts.


1Weather is one of the most popular mobile weather apps. It’s one of the best fishing apps as well in checking the weather, and smaller items such as sunrise and sunset times is a great app. It also includes a 12-week forecast in the app. However, it isn’t always 100% precise. All of the many features of the app are publicity-free. A single transaction of $1.99 eliminates the ads. There are other applications for the weather that are decent as well. This one, however, strikes an excellent balance between positive characteristics and simplicity.


Its new interface may be complicated, but thanks to a recent revision, AccuWeather has seen significant improvements. As they use weather data to help you manage allergies, safely drive, or improve efficiency, the planning features are more detailed. We also like that it has a news segment about future weather events to watch videos.

CARROT Weather

Carrot Weather is a perfect Android alternative to Dark Sky, as long as you can upgrade to its premium tier. Still, it is an accurate app for weather predictions.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is such a good weather app that Apple acquired to keep it exclusive to iOS as of August 1, 2020. Even with the sleek presentation of the software and hyper-local specificity, you can still make it easy to see and predict what is the weather for the coming couple of days.

Flowx: Weather Map Forecast

To offer Android owners the most reliable forecasts possible, Flowx draws from a range of local and global sources. To display this in-depth weather data, Premium users can customize graphs, charts, and widgets as they want. 

Top 5 Reasons to Use A Fishing App

For literally thousands of years, people have been fishing without the help of an app at all. That said, a smartphone will make fishing easier for you. The use of a mobile app, which we will get into in a second, has many advantages. Plus, we live in a technological era that is post-modern. But why wouldn’t you benefit from technology if it could make it simpler and safer for you to fish? Here are the top five factors for using an app for fishing.

1.Know Where the Fish Species Are Biting

Some applications, such as FishAngler, would allow any user to record where they are fishing and whether or not they are getting any bites. The advantage for you is that you can log in and see if someone has posted any up-to-date data on where the fish are biting in a certain radius. This way, you won’t need to set up anywhere to fish. Instead, to improve your chances of getting a good fishing day, you can go directly to where other people get fish bites.

2.Record Your Successful Catch And Memorable Failures

Sure, on a piece of paper or some paperback journal, you can record all of the fishing data you want. But why do you do that when you can record it for convenience on your app instead? Where you are fishing, what the weather is like, the time of day, the baits and lures you are using, and so on, are examples of data that you can record on your phone.

3.Get Accurate and Detailed Weather Forecasts

Detailed weather forecasts will also be available for several fishing apps, which is a huge advantage since you can understand the value of the weather for fishing. If it’s rainy and gloomy out, fish will still be more involved compared to when it’s hot and bright, which ensures that the chances of you getting a good fishing day go up significantly.

4.Research and Receive Valuable Information

Some fishing software can be an excellent resource for research as well. For instance, one fishing app called Fishing Rules includes fishing regulations displayed in a format that is easy to understand. If a fish is in season, you can quickly identify how many you can hold, how large they have to be, and more.

5.Connect with other Anglers

Many fishing apps function as their miniature social networks, where anglers from all over the world can share notifications and information. You can set your app to either display the details of any user across the globe, such as FishAngler. Most apps allow you to set a range of as little as ten miles. It is nice because it provides you with the opportunity to get useful tips from more experienced users as well as contact them directly and maybe even meet them to set up a fishing club.


To become a good angler, are smartphone apps 100% necessary? Absolutely not, but for the reasons that we have just mentioned, they can also be an indispensable resource. If you agree, then you can explore some of the most popular fishing apps out there and try various ones to see if they work well for you. Head to the Apple App Store or Google Play to download some of your smartphone’s best fishing apps today. Speaking of technology, you may want to find out how to catch fish using a drone.

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