Wd-40 Attracts Fish: Is It A Myth Or Is It True?

Wd-40 Attracts Fish: Is It A Myth Or Is It True?

According to some anglers, Wd-40 attracts fish, but is it a myth, or is it true? It’s what we’re going to find out. Many apply a little bit of this material on their bait because fishers believe that it helped them catch fish. Is this technique useful, or is it a good idea? Would there be any long-term effects on lakes and freshwater? 

While many believe that Wd-40 is an excellent fish attractant, it may not guarantee a 100% catch rate. This material indeed helps protect your fish hooks and lures, which help some catch the most important fish species. However, there is no scientific basis for these claims. The truth is that the Wd-40 Company does not recommend people to use their product to attract fish as a form of respecting and conserving the environment.

The legend that says you can catch more and bigger carps with Wd-40 has been circling for a long time. However, let us tell you, right here and right now, that it is a myth. You can use Wd-40 to protect your fishing gear but never for attracting fish species because it would only be a waste of money and, worse, pollute water. 

What Is Wd-40?

Wd-40 stands for “Water Displacement, 40th Formula,” but its main components are not available. We know that it is a type of penetrating oil that can get into small spaces of stuck and rusted parts. You can use it as a lubricant, a cleaner, and an anti-corrosion application. So, you’d love that the Wd-40 is very versatile to care for many pieces of gear and equipment for cleaning various stubborn stains and rusts.

The full list of ingredients of Wd-40 is a top-secret since it is not patented, but some of it includes Aliphatic Hydrocarbon, Petroleum Base Oil, Surfactant, and LVP Aliphatic Hydrocarbon. These materials may not impose health hazards for human, but it is also harmful to the environment. 

There are reports that this substance does not leave an oily residue, but it leaves a greasy residue behind since it was initially developed for the space program. Any time you add a few to your fishing lure, you add some oil to the lake as soon as your lure reaches the surface.

Myth Or Fact? Questions Answered About Fishing With Wd-40

Why do some people say Wd-40 acts as a fishing bait? Here are some common questions about fishing with Wd-40, and let’s find out whether it is myth or fact.

Does Wd-40 Attract Fish Because it Contains Fish Oil?

It is a myth. First of all, the company hasn’t exposed the primary ingredients of Wd-40, so there’s no concrete evidence whether it contains fish oil or not. Some fishermen say that it must have fish oil in it because Wd-40 attracts fish. No evidence includes fish oils to Wd-40, besides the official definition becoming a trade secret. According to the United States, some of the principal ingredients in Wd-40 are the ones we mentioned above.

Is Fishing With WD-40 Legal?

Using Wd-40 is legal in some areas, only if you use it to lubricate your fishing gear. However, take note that other non-toxic attractants may pose threats both to human or fish health. Also, one thing to remember is that you would end up consuming the fish that ate some Wd-40. If you don’t want to eat it, you should probably avoid adding it to your food. Although Wd-40 can potentially be harmful to the environment, use in fishing is not illegal. It is not strictly toxic in small quantities, so no laws are restricting its use in fishing.

However, something to consider is that if you use Wd-40 as bait, you will potentially ingest the Wd-40 when you eat the fish later. If you don’t want to eat Wd-40, you may not want to use it on your bait. It is because Wd-40 may leave residue in the water you’re fishing in. So, you may want to avoid adding extra oil components to the water while it is not illegal to use. There are also many ways to use WD40 in fishing without using it as bait and potentially harming the environment.

Does Fishing With WD-40 Work?

Some anglers may claim that Wd-40 helped them catch more prominent and more fish, but it doesn’t mean that this material works in fishing. Wd-40 does not capture or attract fish according to some studies performed to see if its process works. Then again, many fishers have been fishing for many decades by applying Wd-40 directly to their baits and swear by the process, so you have to take that into account.

Is WD40 Good for Fishing Bait?

Wd-40, like a fishing lure, is the trick of an old fisherman who grew into a popular product myth. Several people had claimed to have had great success when WD40 was used to catch fish on fishing lures. USA Today claims that Wd-40 covers the human scent that might cling to your tricks when you put them on your line. The idea is this scent could deter the fish in the water. It is what makes it a fishing product so successful.

Although Wd-40 may cover the human hands’ scent, this is unlikely to make a big enough difference to attract fish. Not stopping the fish is the same as attracting them. The active lure is still needed to get them to you. Some people have believed that Wd-40 contains fish oil and that it would draw to your bait the more predatory fish. However, Wd-40 does not contain fish oil, so that is entirely untrue.

Where Should You Use WD-40 In Fishing?

The fact is that Wd-40 works fantastically to keep your fishing gear in perfect shape. Since your fishing gear is exposed to heat, humidity, and water while you use it, rust and corrosion can occur very quickly and compromise your equipment’s integrity and durability. When applied directly to your fishing equipment, Wd-40 can create a protective layer to protect it against corrosion and rust. The firm itself does not suggest that you use the drug for the sole purpose of attracting fish.

Also, the company took action to drop the misconception that its drug is a wonder fish-attractant. We mention how they have taken measures to protect and value the company website’s environment and would like to inspire others to do the same. So keep your Wd-40 on hand to protect your fishing equipment from corrosion and rust.

What Are The Other Uses Of WD40 For Fishing?

While you can still use WD40 on your fishing lures, it has more beneficial uses in fishing sport. When possible, quit the idea that it is an excellent attractant. Instead, use Wd-40 for its real purpose.

Protect And Clean Your Fishing Gear

Applying WD40 to all of your fishing equipment leaves a coat of oil that will cover the material for potential use. The dirt and water to which your gear is exposed is the ideal formula for rust damage. Daily use of Wd-40 can help to prevent these happenings. It is also an effective cleaner, as the oil-based spray loosens and eliminates dirt and grime. Use this to remove oily liquids and saltwater from your fishing equipment.

Remove Grease And Fish Oil Stains

WD40 can break down and displace oil and grease stains. Only add to your clothing, thoroughly rub in, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and run through a regular wash cycle. If your leather boots or equipment are squeaking, WD40 can treat right. You can also use it to shine wood and wood surfaces. Use a soft cloth and rub the material into the dry wood. Your oars will shine like new ones and protected for the next use.

Avoid Rusting Of Your Boat

Using Wd-40 as a rust deterrent on your boat and even more significant water rides. Apply to the high-rust areas at the start of the season, and reapply as needed during the season. Besides, Wd-40 helps loosen and free up rusted screws, bolts, locks, and other rusted metal parts. It is because of the oil’s willingness to get through the rusted bits in the tiny places. It fills and lubricates the rusted threads, allowing them to disassemble once again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using Wd-40 as an attractant to your target fish species is a myth, but you can indeed use it to protect your fishing gear. However, take note that it contains substances that are not suitable for the environment. Hence, it can harm the water reservoir when you apply too much. If you have more questions about Wd-40, here are other common questions about it.

What Is Wd-40 Actually Good For?

Wd-40 is an excellent material used for cleaning, lubricating, and acts as an anti-corrosive solution. Moreover, this material can displace moisture, penetrate rusts, and protect your metallic tools and equipment. Best of all, it is safe to use for everyone, but it may not be suitable for animals.

Is The Smell Of Wd-40 Harmful?

High Wd-40 concentrations can cause nasal and respiratory irritation and the central nervous system’s effects, such as headache, dizziness, and nausea. Deliberate misuse can be harmful or fatal. On the other hand, prolonged or frequent contact with potential dermatitis may cause mild irritation and defatting.

Is Wd-40 Toxic To Fish?

Wd-40 Business has taken steps to protect and support the community and expects users to do the same. Although you can use Wd-40 to help preserve fishing gear from rust and corrosion, it is not ideal that the company use Wd-40 to attract fish.

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