How To Get A Fishing License Online?

How To Get A Fishing License Online

As an angler, whether professional or beginner, a license is one of the essential items that you should never forget before fishing. It is a sign of good faith that you’re abiding the laws of fishing and respecting its creatures. Anywhere you go fishing, you must obtain a license first before you can throw your hook into the water. If it’s your first time, how can you get a fishing license online?

Every state and country set their regulations and offers when it comes to giving licenses. Regardless, obtaining a fishing license should be quick, easy, and direct for as long as you provide all essential information. Nowadays, you can purchases licenses online through a phone call and even through mobile apps. All you need is your computer or smartphones, internet, and a printer to get your license.

Aside from annual or lifetime licenses, you can also get daily and short-term fishing permits in fishing. So, you have to check it with your state about the types of fishing licenses available, age requirements, fishing regulations, and other requirements. Let us show you more details about getting a fishing license online.

Why Do You Have To Get A Fishing License?

First of all, you have to know that it is illegal to catch fish in some states without a permit. They require a fishing license to ensure that every angler would follow their set of rules and regulations. Moreover, a fishing license helps in covering the cost of maintaining the quality of the public fishery and aquatic resources. Fish management, environmental protection, and law enforcement are vital to preserving the fishing opportunities that everyone will enjoy for more decades.

3 Easy Steps Of Getting A Fishing License Online

The beauty of having a fishing license is that you can now do it online. It is available almost everywhere, which makes it convenient. Since you can purchase it either in person or through the internet, there is no excuse that you shouldn’t be able to get a fishing license. Here are the three easy steps of getting a fishing license online.

STEP 1 – Go Online And Search For Your Local Government

The only secure and safe place to buy a license online is through your state’s fish and wildlife government website. Keep in mind that only government websites are authorized to sell state licenses on the internet. Several illegitimate sites pretend to sell fishing licenses to unsuspecting anglers, and you must avoid those. Some states even have mobile apps if you want to buy a fishing license.

STEP 2 – Enter Your Required Information

Once you go into your local government’s website, search for the fishing license sections. You will need to enter your essential information like social security number, birthday, civil statues, residential, etc., It is also where you would have to choose the type of license that you want to have. Once you have input all correct data, click the button where you can add in your cart.

STEP 3 – Buy It, Save It, And Print It

Finally, click the button that would allow you to buy the license. When purchasing, most of the time, you can pay through credit cards, prepaid cards, and even online checks. You just have to fill in essential payment information, and voila! If your payment is successful, they will send you the link or an email of your license. More often, it is a pdf file that you can save on your phone or print it right away. Make sure to keep or save it in a safe place because if you lose it, you may get a penalty.

Nearly every country has an electronic licensing program. You can also buy a fishing license from selected government buildings or shops. Usually, they’ll ask for a photo ID and proof of residence. One of the benefits of an electronic fishing license is that it is easy to print a new one if you lose yours. 

Freshwater Fishing License

A freshwater fishing license will give you countless opportunities to bring new memories to the water. It’s quick to buy a freshwater fishing license and get started because there are freshwater fishing spots in every state that you can reach by boat or from the shore. When you buy a fishing license, you will soon find that freshwater fishing is one of the best ways to spend time outdoors with friends and family.

In addition to benefiting from hours of water fun, purchasing a freshwater fishing license contributes to the protection of state aquatic resources. State agencies provide fishing awareness, conservation seminars, and other outreach activities through fishing license purchase funds.

Keep in mind that you might be asked to check your state residency using your driver’s license number or state identification card. In addition, many countries do not allow children under a certain age or senior citizens to buy a fishing license. Until you make your order, be sure to review the freshwater fishing license specifications for your state.

Saltwater Fishing License

Purchasing a recreational saltwater fishing license isn’t difficult to do and gives you the privilege of saltwater fish species from coastal or marine waters. Since each state has distinct fishing permit requirements, you’ll have to check the fishing rules and regulations particular to your area before making a buy. However, you should know there are numerous areas where you can quickly and easily purchase your saltwater permit to fish. 

Buy your saltwater license from a registered fishing permit agent, such as an outdoor sporting goods store or tackle shop. Many states offer you a choice to obtain your saltwater fishing permit by telephone using a credit card. If you purchase your license by phone, most states provide you with a confirmation number that you want to keep with you as proof of your purchase until your permit arrives in the mail. 

Your saltwater fishing license can be purchased from the fish and wildlife agency in the state in which you intend to go fishing. Even if you make a last-minute choice to go fishing, you can still purchase your license online or by telephone and begin fishing immediately.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Fishing License Online?

Every state has different prices for buying fishing licenses online, which usually costs around $25 to $40 for the state resident. They also offer different amounts to non-resident permits amounting to $60 to $70. However, it still depends on the type of license, whether it is for a day, a week, for a year, or a lifetime.

When purchasing licenses for fishing, there are some fees that you have to pay that would usually go to the on-the-ground conservation efforts of the local authorities. For example, there may be extra fees for processing fees, dealer fees, and taxes, which are mostly less than $5 each. Moreover, some states also require additional “endorsement” permits if you’re going to catch specific species like trout, salmon, and paddlefish.

These fees help the state in maintaining the fisheries and aquatic resources where you will go fishing. Still, you should always review the stipulations of the full license in your area, the type of license that you want to get, and the fish species that you intend to catch. Think of these fees as donations to the water reservoir. It is just a small price that you have to pay to ensure that you can continue catching the fish species you love.  


Fishing license, in most states, is available widely across different platforms. However, if you want to be safe, always buy from your local government. To add more clarification, let us answer some of the most frequently asked questions from other beginner anglers who want to purchase a fishing license online.

Do You Need A Fishing License For Catch And Release?

If you want to do some catch and release fishing, you still need to purchase a license. The license fee shall be charged for the use and protection of public land and water access, whether or not you hold the fish. Most states offer different kinds of fishing licenses. You can choose licenses suited for specific fish species and other fishing activities.

Do You Need A Fishing License On Private Property?

For most jurisdictions, you can fish in a private pond without a license. The laws for private property fishing are different for each state. Generally, as long as the lake or pond has no inlets or outlets with privately stocked fish, a fishing license is unnecessary.

Most of the time, you do not need a fishing license to fish in ponds for as long as you are the owner, the owner’s family or guests, and there are no inlets or outlets. Usually, fishing in any lake or river with a public connection or connecting stream requires a state fishing license, whether or not you are on private land.

Can You Fish Without A License?

A fishing license is not always a requirement for fishing. Like in Washington, some states do not require you to have a permit if you’re going to catch for common carp or other species classified as rough fish. Some places even have apprentice programs that allow new anglers to try fishing while another licensed adult accompanies them.

Each state has its specific situations, whether you need a fishing license or not. They are too numerous to list, so be sure to check your local regulations or the area where you will catch the species before you fish.


Thanks to the internet, you can now do many things, even getting a fishing license. Use this to your advantage so that you don’t have to wait for long lines and drive your local government to buy it. Ensure that you only buy from your state to make sure that you are spending your money wisely. 

A fishing license is available online, so there is no reason for you not to get it. As you enjoy catching different fish species, do your part by maintaining the aquatic resources. Always follow your state’s rules and regulations when fishing. 

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