8 Reasons Fishermen Wear Gloves (And Why You Should Too)

Have you ever saw a fisherman wearing a pair of gloves while angling? Wearing gloves has many purposes. More than fashion, anglers use it to their advantage. So, here are the reasons why fishers wear gloves and why you should wear it as well.

The primary reason why anglers wear fishing gloves is for protection from sharp dorsal spines or gill plates. Also, wearing a pair of rubberized gloves help in securing the slime coat of the fish. Plus, it also improves your Grip on the fishing rod as well as the fish. Rubber fishing gloves even. 

Using fishing gloves has many benefits, which is why anglers wear them. Your success un fishing entirely depends on your ability to work with your hands. Therefore, it is essential to have a better grip on your fishing tools, most notably on the fish at all times. Fishing gloves will help you tie knots when your hands are slippery, reel in big fish species, set your bait tightly, and remove the hooks. If you are still not convinced yet, here are some other helpful reasons why fishers wear gloves.

8 Reasons Fishermen Wear Gloves 

Just like when you use gloves for gardening or digging a hole, gloves for fishing are also beneficial. Otherwise, anglers would not continue patronizing the use of it. Every angler needs a high-quality pair of gloves for their fishing trip, so here are other reasons why you should do it too.

  1. Fishing Gloves Ensures a Strong Grip. Using a pair of rubber gloves when fishing gives you a better grip to hold even on the slimiest fish. It will keep your hands warm and dry so that you can maintain tight and provide better control. 
  2. Water-resistant. Fishing gloves will make your hands water-resistant, so it keeps them from getting wet. We all know that, in almost anything, working with damp hands is quite challenging. Therefore, fishing gloves will help you maneuver your fishing rod better even when it gets wet.
  3. Higher Accuracy. Since wearing fishing gloves ensures a firm grip and better control, you will receive higher accuracy in your fishing techniques. As a result, it would increase your success rate in baiting a fish.
  4. Fishing Gloves Offer Comfort. Wearing a pair of rubber gloves will give you comfort. It may be a little bit new for most beginners, but you’ll eventually feel comfortable fishing with your gloves on most importantly for an extended period.
  5. Safety. Fishing can be quite dangerous, especially to those who are new to it. Some uncontrollable things may happen, so it’s best if you get yourself prepared at all times if things went out on hand. For these uncertainties, wearing the most suitable fishing gloves is essential. Most beginners take it for granted, but gloves can offer excellent safety for the hands. 
  6. It Provides Protection from Weather. Fishing is an outdoor activity, so the weather has a significant impact on it. Gloves come in different types, and you have to choose the best kind for various weather purposes. Doing so will keep your hands fit and secure.
  7. Fishing Gloves is Excellent for Sun Protection. The extreme heat from the Sun is not only painful to the skin but also harmful. They say that ‘fun is in the Sun,‘ but the climate is changing. Spending more time outdoors can now imply damaging effects on unprotected skin.
  8. Fishing Gloves have Many Versatile Uses. You can use fishing gloves in different extra facilities like help to attach the baits or remove the game fishes. They are so versatile that you can use gloves for various purposes for a long time, given that you pick the right type and quality.

What are the Types of Fishing Gloves?

Fishing gloves come in different types – some are for specific types of fishing, while others are for general use. The truth is that you can find hundreds to thousands of gloves out there in the market. The best way to not get overwhelmed with the choices is to identify what is suitable for you? So, let’s start by defining some types of fishing gloves that you’ll most likely need. Remember, you don’t need all of them. You need to buy one or two pairs for all your fishing trips.

  1. Ice Fishing Gloves. Some fishers call this type of gloves as the Glacier Gloves. It is your best option if you’re going for an ice fishing trip. You must keep your hands warm when angling in the ice so that you are not trembling. Therefore, you may fail fishing in the ice, or your accuracy will be lesser if you don’t use the appropriate gloves for ice fishing. You can pick a regular ice fishing gloves or something waterproof so that you can have a great relief in cold weather. 
  2. Waterproof Fishing Gloves. Most fishing gloves feature waterproof insulated gloves, which only makes them resistant to water and not indeed waterproof. Therefore, Waterproof Fishing Gloves are more special kind. This kind is primarily for running and large fishing spots. It is because they can still serve their purpose even when got damp.
  3. Fishing Gloves for Cold Weather. Angling in cold water is a more challenging task to do. Therefore, you have to wear fishing hand gloves to fix the problem. Just like Ice Fishing Gloves, you have to keep your hands warm so that you get a stable grip and better control. 
  4. Fishing Gloves for Sun Protection. This type of gloves has slightly different materials and features compared to other kinds. Fishing on a sunny day will keep you dry and sweat, which will make you think that you don’t have to wear gloves anymore. It is somehow true, but don’t forget that the UV light can bring some problems in your skin. Therefore, it is still better to do precautionary measures to fight against it. 
  5. Saltwater Fishing Gloves. These gloves are water-resistant, flexible, lightweight, and suitable for other necessary facilities. Saltwater Fishing Gloves are some of the most common fishing gloves. So, you have to check it thoroughly before buying it. 
  6. Fingerless Fishing Gloves. It is another particular type of fishing gloves. It still covers your hands, but there are tiny openings for each tip of your fingers. This design offers more hand grip and control over the rods, which is the primary reason most anglers prefer using this kind of fishing gloves. However, you may want to avoid using it in cold weather, deep water fishing, and even in big game fishing.
  7. Bass Fishing Gloves. From the name itself, you can already identify its purpose. Bass Fishing Gloves have the same look as fingerless gloves, except that they are for Bass. Since Bass is one of the most popular fish to catch, manufacturers decided to create a particular type of glove for it. Plus, there are hundreds of types of bass fish in the seas, the rivers lakes. So, this unique type of gloves can help significantly for the best bass fishing experience.
  8. Gloves for Women. If you’re a woman, fishing may be a bit challenging if you are not going to use the most suitable gloves for women anglers. In general, there are thousands of varieties of gloves intended for women that can quickly solve this problem.

How to Choose the Right Fishing Gloves?

Choosing the right fishing gloves that would match your fishing style can be a tough job, especially with various options out there. Don’t you worry, buying the proper fishing should be easy if you know what the right type for your needs is. Then, check out these features that your fishing glove should possess.

  • Style – When it comes to the form, you can choose from a full finger, fingerless, and convertible. From their names, you can quickly identify their appearance.
    • Full Finger. This kind of gloves will give you complete finger protection. It is crucial in handling fish, removing hooks from the teeth of the fish, and other related fishing activities that involve sharp objects. Plus, it can keep your hands warm when fishing in cold weather. If you need the highest protection from fish, tackle, and the Sun, this type is the best option. However, its greatest pitfall is its limitation of not allowing enough manual ability to tie knots or to bait hooks.
    • Fingerless. It is the most favorable option for most anglers. Fingerless gloves provide accessibility in hooking, tying knots, rigging leaders, and other fishing activities. Plus, you can have a better grip because of its tiny holes for each fingertip. If you’re also using your smartphone while fishing, this type is your best choice. However, it is not ideal to use for cold fishing because your fingers will be exposed.
    • Convertible Gloves. It combines the features of both full finger and fingerless gloves. So, you have the option to either cover your fingers for comprehensive protection or uncover it for tying knots.
  • Toughness – In choosing a pair of fishing gloves, always pick one that is comfortable to use with proper padding and support. It is essential that the glove is not too thick nor too rigid, which can hinder its ability and mobility.
  • Durability – The rule for durability is simple – a high-quality glove will survive for a long time. It is better to invest in quality hand gloves for the best fishing outcome.
  • Price – How much money should you invest in buying and gloves? If you are a hardcore angler who fishes often, expensive high-quality gloves will range from $25 to $50. On the other hand, you can choose less costly gloves for as much as $4 to $10 if you are an occasional angler.
  • Weather – Observe and know the climate at the location of your fishing field. If it’s cold, you want to invest in fishing gloves that feature insulation and heat retention. On the other hand, consider sleeker and more breathable options in hotter climates. It helps in preventing moisture buildup while providing Sun care and protection.
  • The Fit of the Glove – Before buying the gloves, make sure to fit it on your hands. It should feel pleasant and light so that you can maximize its use. The essential feature to consider is that you should have high comfort in using it while operating gear, or handling the fish in any conditions. Anything too tight or too loose can be irritating to use.
  • The Material of the Glove – Each material used on fishing gloves slightly affects its performance. Generally, there are three different kinds of materials used in manufacturing gloves. 
    • Neoprene. This material offers the best insulation, even if the gloves get wet. Generally, Neoprene gloves are approximately 1 to 3 millimeters thick. Thicker gloves mean better insulation for your hands. However, it can also hinder the use of your hand effectively.
    • Wool. We are all familiar with this kind of material. Fortunately, some fishing gloves come from wool because they are warmer to use, which makes it perfect for cold weather. 
    • Fleece. This material also provides excellent insulation, but it quickly loses its effectiveness when it gets wet.
  • Enhanced Grip – This feature will let you hold any material much better. Enhanced Grip comes in different varieties of style, and the most common type is an imitation leather palm that will allow you to hold firmly even on slippery objects. Enhanced Grip improves the glove’s original material.
  • Waterproof – Take note the waterproof is different from water-resistant. Waterproof means that the water can impermeably penetrate the gloves regardless of how long. On the other hand, water-resistant can resist the penetration of water only to a certain degree. Therefore, you want to pick a pair of gloves that are waterproof regardless of the material. It will give you complete protection no matter how long you stay on the water. 


Why Do Fishermen Wear Face Shields?

Face shields and masks are other forms of sun and wind protection for most anglers. It is crucial if you’re going to fish for an extended period, or during a big game fishing. Wearing face shields will make you feel comfortable and protected all day. 

Can Catfish Sting Through Gloves?

Catfish may or may not sting through the gloves. However, getting stung by catfish whiskers is not alarming. Catfish, generally, can’t hurt you on such a level. If you are worried about getting stung, you have to watch out for dorsal and pectoral fins instead.

What Is a Hoo Rag?

A Hoo Rag is a particular type of head protection, which most male and female outdoor enthusiasts and athletes wear all over the world. Most Hoo Rags are from 100% polyester microfiber so that it can absorb all the moisture while protecting the user from the harmful rays of the Sun.

Final Words

Every angler must wear the best gloves when fishing. It has various purposes that will help you increase your success rate in catching a fish. First of all, a pair of rubber gloves will give you protection from sharp dorsal spines, gill plates, and other objects. It will also help you secure the slime coat of the fish, and hold the fish or any fishing tool more firmly. Plus, gloves will give you protection from UV rays and weather. Therefore, wearing fishing gloves is also beneficial in fishing. They come in many various types, so make sure to pick the right one that is suitable for your angling style and technique.

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