Can You Use Dog Food for Fishing?

Fishing doesn’t have to be expensive. As proof, fishers are getting more creative when it comes to their baits and lures. Some are home-made baits from dog foods. Yes, you heard it right! Some anglers use it, but is it okay to use dog food for fishing? Will you be able to catch more fish?

Whether you believe it or not, some fishers indeed use dog food for fishing. It seems like dogs aren’t the only ones who like dog food. Either wet or dry dog food, many fishers would agree that they are great for catching carp, catfish, certain species of panfish, and various species of fish. Some anglers wrap it around cheesecloth or mixed it with corn starch, water, and flour to create a dough. 

Using dog foods is proof that fishing is not a high-valuable activity. No need for fancy baits and lures, because you can still catch fish if you can be creative. In this article, we’ve also included other alternatives that you can use as bait for your next fishing trip. In the end, you’ll be 100% ready to throw that bait into the water.

What’s the Best Bait to Use for Fishing?

There are various kinds of baits that you can use effectively for every type of fish. Generally, most fish species eat mall rivers. Most fish mainly eat small minnows and crawfish because they live underwater. These live baits are suitable for capturing predator fish like trout, walleye or bass. Aside from that, leeches and nightcrawlers can also catch every type of fish. They are the best baits to use for bottom-feeding fish. 

14 Other Hilarious Yet Effective Baits Used by Many Fishermen

Are you still in search of other baits that you can use on your next fishing trip? Then, worry no more. Aside from dog food, other effective baits are not costly. More importantly, they are pretty much accessible at your home. Whether you believe it or not, these baits have been proven effective by numerous anglers around the world.

  1. SOAP. Chunks of soap are one of the “traditional” baits in centuries, especially for reeling in catfish. However, make sure to pick pure soap without any scent or chemical on its content. Then, slice a 1-inch piece of the natural and organic solvent. Thread it onto your hook, and you can start fishing. Soaps work best for trotlines. Plus, they can stay longer underwater.
  2. CANNED MEAT. This bait is widely available anywhere and everywhere. Canned Meats are best for catching catfish. Did you know that a fisherman captured the biggest blue catfish weighing at 116-pound, 12-ounce using canned meat in 2001? Who knows you can get more significant than that.
  3. CHICKEN LIVER. This bait is worth giving a try because of the smell, which makes it attractive and appealing to catfish as well as hybrid and freshwater striped bass.
  4. RAISINS. During the summer months, dried grapes are ideal to use because they swell on the hooks and begin to ferment. Its smell and bright color make them attractive for most catfish and other carps. Aside from raisins, you can also use other fruit baits like persimmons and mulberries.
  5. MARSHMALLOWS. Small marshmallows are effective in catching trout, bluegill, and some species of sunfish.
  6. HOTDOGS. A piece of left hotdogs from your breakfast would also make excellent bait. They are appealing to fish because they have a resemblance to surface plug lures.
  7. BACON. We are not the only ones who enjoy eating bacon. Some say that hickory-smoked bacon is the best option to pick, while others would say that raw bacon gives the best results. Slices of bacon have a combination of meat’s pungent smell and fatty oils, which are attractive to different fish species like bluegills, crappies, and catfish.
  8. CHEESE. There are different kinds of cheese, and any of them would work just fine. It can be cheddar, Limburger, or process. Then, you can form it into small pieces of balls to catch trout and catfish.
  9. PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES. Pack some extra peanut butter sandwiches from your snack as your bait. Most experienced fishermen say that this kind of home-made lure is excellent for catching codfish, catfish, carp, and bluegill.
  10. GREEN APPLE BUBBLE GUM. This gum has a strong flavor that can instantly attract fish. Plus, they are so convenient to use and transport. Start by chewing it for a little bit to release the flavor. Then, attach it to either treble or circle hooks for the best results.
  11. CANNED CORN. This kind of bait is best to use if you’re going to catch trout, carp, bluegill, and perch. More specifically, rainbow trout is more susceptible to corn bait. Sure, you’ll be a sure winner with this one.
  12. SPOILED SHRIMP. Got a bag of lousy shrimp in your fridge? No problem. Don’t let it go to waste because you can use it as a bait. Consider it as a delightful choice in the underwater buffet because of its smelly scent.
  13. GARLIC CHICKEN SKIN. The combination of greasy skin of the chicken and the smell of garlic cloves is a feast for any species of fish. It works well in catching any size of carp, and it stays well on the hook. Soak the chicken skin overnight in garlic to intensify the flavor. 
  14. CUBES OF SPAM. Like bacon, SPAM also works well as bait. It is full of oils that attract fish and some extra flavor and scent for attracting almost any kind of fish. It can be hard to keep it on the hook, though. So, make sure to check it frequently. 


Do Catfish Like Garlic?

Anything that has a smell can either attract or push a fish away. Therefore, it is essential to pick the right bait with the appropriate smell that can attract your target fish. For example, there are some catfish scent additive if you want to capture catfish. On the other hand, you can also add oil, garlic, and blood on your bait to be more efficient. These are scents that you can easily find at home. For garlic, you can smash a couple of coves into your dip bait or onto your plug.

How Do You Keep Worms Alive for Fishing?

The best way to preserve or keep your worms alive for your next fishing trip is to store them in a refrigerator. Make sure to put them in a container and close its cover to retain moisture. Every day, you have to check on your stored worm to ensure that their entire bedding is moist. Whenever required, you can sprinkle a few drops of water into the container to hydrate the worm bedding.

Does Salt Attract Fish?

Some fishermen say that applying salt helps them attract more fish. One thing is for sure. Salt cam makes a soft plastic a lot smoother. This condition will make the fish hand on to your bait a lot longer, which will give you more time as you pull back your fishing reel. There’s no harm in trying. You can most certainly do it on your next fishing trip, experiment, and see the outcome.

Final Words

More and more fishermen are getting more creative when it comes to their baits and lures. Some anglers use home-made baits from dog foods for fishing. It is proof that fishing, as a hobby, should not be expensive. Either you choose wet or dry dog food, they are excellent choices for catching different types of fish like carp, catfish, and certain species of panfish. 

When using dry dog foods, you can wrap it around cheesecloth or create a dough consistency by mixing cornstarch, water, and flour. If you’re fishing for fun, there’s no need for any fancy baits and lures. You only have to be creative and understand the behavior of the fish that you want to catch. If you’re not comfortable in using dog food, you can try minnows and crawfish for capturing predator fish like trout, walleye or bass. On the other hand, leeches and nightcrawlers are safe to use for capturing every type of fish.

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