Why Are Fishing Bobbers Red and White?

Have you been wondering why most bobbers are mostly in red or white? Luckily, we will answer this puzzle in this article. Is it something that has to do with greater accuracy in catching fish? Or is it all about just the design? If you’ve been searching for answers on why fishing bobbers are often red and white, you’ve come to the right place.

More than the design of the bobber, manufacturers still believe that contrasting colors makes it easier to view when placed in any color of the water. Most bobber schemes have a red on its top intended for your eyes. Meanwhile, white is for hiding the bobber from the fish. Some say that red and white color paints were the only ones that were readily available. Nevertheless, these colors remain to be competent and excellent in doing its purpose. Therefore, they are still circulating and dominating the fishing industry.

Having a red and white fishing bobber is quite common nowadays. So, to be more effective in using these tools, we’ve prepared this article about red and white bobbers for a better understanding. Before anything else, let’s start with a short history of red and white fishing bobbers. 

The History of Red and White Fishing Bobbers

According to other stories, red and white paints were the only brightest paint color that’s readily available before the early 20th century. Some colors like tan and orange were already available, but they were quite expensive back then. Therefore, red was the only color that showed potential for fishing bobbers. 

Whether you’re fishing under the bright sun or dim conditions, both red and white colors will help you see in the sparkling water. Until this very moment, the combination of red and white fishing bobbers remains to be the most significant color contrast. The primary reasons are that red and white are at each end of the color spectrum, which makes them easier to spot. 

Can Fish See Bobbers?

One thing is for sure, fish can see. Bobbers can do more than just sending you a signal when a fish bites your bait. If appropriately used, bobbers can also help you get the most out of your bait. However, a fish can’t see the fishing bobber, especially if they’re after the bait. There are some times that a fish can see a bobber once it moves. So, generally, you want to set your bobber stop so that your bait remains a little above the level where you expect the fish to be.

Is It Better to Fish Without a Bobber?

There’s no concrete answer to this question as it may vary depending on the circumstances. Some moments or situations require the use of fishing bobbers. Meanwhile, there are some times that a bobber is less than ideal. Just as an example, a bobber is beneficial if you’re fishing for trout and bullheads using live baits. Also, if you plan to suspend or retain your bait off the bottom of the water. On the other hand, using a bobber can be a little less efficient if you want to use large baits to catch more prominent types of fish.

Should You Use Live Bait with a Fishing Bobber?

There are some factors to consider before you can use live bait with a fishing bobber. These include the kind of bait that you’re going to use, the amount of focus and experience that you can offer, and your comfort-level when fishing with live lures. 

  • The Size of the Live Bait. As a rule of thumb, it would be better to use a bobber if you’re going to use small live baits. It’s because there would be countless subtle bites, which might be unnoticeable. On the other hand, it would be fine not to use a bobber if you’re fishing with more extensive and stronger baits like golden shiners and big frogs. 
  • The Type of Fish Species. A fish that bites delicately like small trouts and small bass, a bobber is an essential tool. Meanwhile, fish like striped bass, catfish, carp, and northern pike may not require using bobbers. It’s because they are usually very decisive that they would bite your bait with their guards down. 

Do Bobbers Affect Your Success in Fishing?

Bobbers can significantly affect your success rate in fishing. First of all, they can suspend the bait off the bottom so that you can target more suspended fish. This method will also keep your bait away from any dangerous debris and in plain sight. Moreover, bobbers are beneficial in casting in the distance. These are some huge benefits in using bobbers. 

On the other hand, using a bobber can make your hook setting a little bit less efficient. It’s because it slightly adds angle into the line of your hookset, which may lead to poor catch or lost fish. Also, bobbers can carry your bait when used during windy days. Finally, bobbers placed on the water could alert the fish once they see it.

Fun Facts that You Should Know About Bobbers

  1. In most parts of Africa, Porcupine quills were the standard material for floats and bobbers. This material features properties that offer excellent float construction. Plus, they are so durable with high buoyancy that makes it ideal for a bobber.
  2. The IDEAL Snap-Cap Bobbers was a gadget bobber that allowed many anglers to add water into either side chamber to adjust the buoyancy.
  3. Almost the same with the IDEAL Snap-Cap Bobbers, Jumping Jack Floats has been one of the first gadget bobber floats.
  4. The three most popular designs of bobbers are wagglers, Avons, and dinks. Wagglers are bobbers that you have to attach at the bottom of the fishing line, which comes in either straight or bodied types. The Avon has straight bobbers wherein its body floats on top. Finally, Dink Floats have adjustable line floats that are often for catching salmon and steelhead. 

The Best Type of Fishing Bobbers For Every Situation

Fixed FloatsThese types of bobbers have a defined leader length from the bobber and bait on the line. Your accuracy and distance while casting can get affected when using this type of bobber.
Slip BobbersThe best thing about using this type of bobber is that it slides up and down the fishing line. Slip Bobbers will also allow you to set the bobber at any distance from the bait, which may increase the range that you can get as you cast away. 
Round BobberYou’ll love this type because it’s so easy and easy to use. The design is uncomplicated, which makes Round bobbers better when used in catching smaller fish in shallow bodies of water. Plus, they are perfect for novice or beginning anglers who are still gaining experience in fishing.
Waggler FloatIt offers excellent versatility, high sensitivity, and ease of casting without becoming tangled. Meaning, you can use Waggler Float in all kinds of conditions like deep, shallow water, fast or slow bodies of water. It features a shape that will allow you to achieve a further distance out while casting.
Stick FloatYou have to attach this type to the top and bottom with rubber bands. Its position on the line will allow you to allocate the float position. Stick Floats sit on top of the water while providing adequate buoyancy and a more stabilized weight. Additionally, they are perfect to use in rough or choppy water conditions with a stronger drift. 
Pole FloatIt is a tiny type of bobber that comes in different sizes. The best thing about Pole floats is that they don’t need a lot of weight for stability. Plus, its variety in sizes and shapes are ideal for many different fishing locations. This type of bobber is the perfect option if you want to go fishing in rivers, shallow lakes, or deep canals. Moreover, Pole Floats has characteristics that make it suitable to use in windy conditions because of its durability.


Are Bobbers Good for Fishing?

The answer to this question is indefinite because there are some moments wherein bobbers are excellent in fishing, while sometimes it’s not. Therefore, it may vary depending on the circumstances. Nevertheless, Bobbers can significantly affect your success rate in fishing. 

Can You Use a Bobber to Catch Bass?

Most certainly, yes. However, it’s better if you’re going to use bobbers if you’re trying to catch small bass. More often, there’s no need for you to use bobbers if you want to catch large bass fish. If you’re going to find both sizes, it would be better and more effective if you will use bobbers used with shiners or any other baitfish.

What Are the Uses of Fishing Bobbers?

Bobbers are famous for three primary reasons. First of all, bobbers keep your bait on the zone where fish usually hunt their prey and bite. Also, they are indicators when a fish eats your bait by moving or bobbing up and down. Bobbers are multi-functional, and they come in various shapes and sizes from round, quill or pencil, popping to oblong.

Final Words

We hope that this article opened your mind and helped you understand why most bobbers are in color red and white. It is because of the contrasting colors, which makes it easier to look at when placed on the water. Aside from making it appealing to the eye, the red color of bobbers makes it easy for your eyes to see it. Meanwhile, white is for hiding the bobber from the fish. Some say that choosing the red and white color as a result of having no available option way back in the early times.

Before, red and white color paints were the only ones that were readily available. Some moments or situations require the use of fishing bobbers. Meanwhile, there are some times that a bobber is less than ideal. Nevertheless, these colors remain to be competent and excellent in doing its purpose. Therefore, they are still the top option in today’s modern fishing. Bobbers are multi-functional, but your success in fishing always depends on different circumstances.

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